Savoir-faire, craftsmanship and attention to detail inspiring total quality

Fine materials, unique details and refined decorative motifs are essential tools in the search for beauty. But to give them shape and harmonious substance, one needs a savoir-faire rooted in tradition, and which is now enhanced with the latest technologies. Indeed, all Mastro Raphaël’s fabrics are produced by highly skilled artisans who have been chosen for their unique ability to perfectly convey the company’s aesthetic and artistic innovations. 

High-quality tailoring is the basis for the matelassé fabrics, cotton piqué, special silks, macramé or three- dimensional embroideries, and of course Mastro Raphael’s impeccable interpretations of linen – as in the Villa Paolina collection designed by Gian Battista Vannozzi – or introducing handmade prints on bright velvets in the style of Mariano Fortuny.

Mastro Raphael is a cradle of creativity that has conceived a genuine history of style

Objects, colours and materials: the place where Mastro Raphael’s founder, Mario Arcangeli, has always loved to turn his ideas into reality is a vibrant creative kaleidoscope. 

This wunderkammer is the starting point for the artistic impulse that is transformed into the finest materials, thanks to the skills of a highly qualified team. In other rooms dedicated to taste, the embroidered motifs are designed and the material’s cuts and colours are decided, particularly the neutral shades that represent one of the company’s identifying features.

The art of sleep, embroidered with a sober, timeless elegance. Made of discrete luxury and details of pure creativity.

Fabrics with substance, from classic piqué to bright velvet and satin, from cool cotton to crispy silk and lightweight linen. 

The bed collections represent the essence of Mastro Raphaël’s creativity and experimentation, perfectly expressing an idea of harmony comprising a wide range of coordinated elements: sheet sets, duvets, quilts, bedspreads, decorative pillows...

Delicate and soft, draperies are very precious canvases on which light can write its thoughts

Designing interiors by knowing how to play with light and modulate its sources affects our perception of space and creates poetry. First and foremost, sources of natural light streaming in through windows, light then captured and modulated by curtains.

Drapery occupy a special place in the production of Mastro Raphael, which was Italy’s first company to conceive them in the vibrant and versatile material of linen. The name of the first collection was Il lino, le tende (“Linen, Drapery”), produced in a richly textured gauze, almost a rustic fine linen which is still used today.

Fabrics offer a vibrant and fluid material for conceiving a personal artwork in one’s own living space

The sense of touch is awaked by Mastro Raphael’s fabric collections in piqué, lightweight linen, close- woven or grosgrain silk, satin and taffeta, semi-plain woven velvet, heavy cotton... The essence of materials is sought with special processes that amplify their softness and tactile quality, and it is enhanced with relief patterns, embroidery, applications and alternating transparencies. 

Neutral color choices are typical of all the fabrics, which are produced in the natural tones and shades of beige that have always underpinned the image of Mastro Raphael, without forgetting touches of red, blue and gray.

Bathroom collections. Reinventing everyday accessories with sophistication and sartorial skill.

Mastro Raphael’s bathroom collections bring a touch of rare elegance and exquisite luxury. 

The softness of the terry cloth for towels, bath-robes and wash cloth sets is underlined by the perfection of the raised embroideries and applications, which are inspired by tradition but reinterpreted according to an original artistic vision.

Rugs, small touches of elegance under our feet.

Home furnishing categories by Mastro Raphael also include an ample range of rugs for the home, made with pure cotton and a special process that sets off the pleasurable essence of the material. 

Subdued and elegant, these accessories are characterized by sleek, geometric designs, whose purity is emphasized with natural shades of beige, gray and white. Mastro Raphael’s rugs are conceived to put a designer detail in every room of our lives.

The dining table ritual is adorned with tactile and elegant materials

An exquisite dinner, an informal breakfast outdoors... The ritual of the dining table is a convivial moment where everyone expresses their own creativity.

Understated lines and natural colors are the basis of Mastro Raphael’s furnishing accessories, and the same style also characterizes the solutions for the table: essential but with refined details, in materials that make the difference, like the linen and cotton in the Api collection or the woody and pleasantly tactile hemp in the Canapa collection.

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