A genuine history of style.

The idea of harmony built with a set of elements to coordinate.

The great success of Mastro Raphael blooms from the patchwork of the quilts.


One of the most interesting experiments in the field of bed linen.

The desire to think outside the box, to create something special then leads to original combinations of materials such as velvet and silk which provided a canvas for the finely embroidered Waterlillies.

The search for distinctive decorative elements, borrowed from architecture...

The greatest intuition.


The history of Spoleto provided the inspiration for an exquisite motif that has come to identify Mastro Raphael. In fact, the Api (Bees) were inspired by the coat of arms of Spoleto’s archbishop Maffeo Vincenzo Barberini, the future pope Urban VIII, which adorns the city’s cathedral and the Albornoz Fortress of Spoleto.

Since 1995, the same bees have been embroidered tone on tone or in a delicate overlaying of colors, gracefully placed on bed linen, drapery and towel sets.

The All Over Embroidered Linen Collection was presented in Paris, gaining immediate widespread approval in France as well as in the United States. Since that moment, bees have become part of the textile decoration of furniture.

... or as result of a powerful creative intuition.

A decorative theme that is still very much imitated today.


Used as a decorative motif for drapery and decorative pillows, the stylized branches of the Coralli (Corals) are the fruit of an original creative intuition. An overwhelming success, they sparked a genuine trend inspired by the sea and nature.

The ability to interpret these elements on fine and special fabrics, with the highest quality tailoring.

Ca’ Rezzonico.
A tactile story.


The Ca’ Rezzonico collection was inspired by one of Italy’s most famous buildings, overlooking the Grand Canal of Venice. A “tactile story” that magnificently illustrates Mastro Raphael’s artisan and sartorial mastery, this collection is produced in delicate, natural colors and in four kinds of silk: close-woven, ribbed, damask and bark.



Suggestions of art.

Limited edition.
Sol LeWitt and Mastro Raphael

Geometric, modular structures, vertical and oblique lines, with colors or in black and white, in original and kaleidoscopic combinations. The art of Sol LeWitt – a master of minimalism and a pioneer of conceptual art – encountered the creativity of Mastro Raphael, whose shop-window installations captured the imagination of the American artist during the Festival of the Two Worlds. Indeed, for LeWitt, Mastro Raphael’s window displays were an authentic visual event.

It was a case of art meeting art. In 2012, this harmonious dialogue between beauty and creativity resulted in a limited-edition collection of 200 pieces for each of the 5 drawings granted by the LeWitt Collection LLC.

This geometric purity was featured on drapery, headboards, decorative pillows, quilts, duvet covers and table linens, in black, gray and white.

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