Bed linens

Quilted bedspread Api percalle Ricami metallici

Quilted bedspread with bees embroidered with metallic threads.

Essential and very clean design. The precious cotton percale, with its matte finish, gives the collection a contemporary flair.

  • 240x270
  • 270x270

  • C4 yellow, metallic yellow embr.
  • C5 orange, metallic orange embr.
  • C6 fuchsia, metallic fuchsia embr.
  • C7 green, metallic green embr.
  • C8A turquoise, metallic turquoise embr.
  • C8B azure, metallic azure embr.
  • M0 nearly black, metallic blue embr.
  • M1 white, silver embr.
  • M2A ivory, metallic azure blue embr.
  • M2B dark beige, iron coloured embr.
  • M8 Prussian blue, silver embr.
  • M9A light grey, light gold embr.
  • M9B medium grey, silver embr.

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