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Bed Linens

The bed collections represent the essence of Mastro Raphael’s creativity and experimentation, perfectly expressing an idea of harmony comprising a wide range of coordinated elements.

Quilt e trapunta Day by Day righe
Cushion Day by Day
Duvet cover set Day by Day soprasacco lino
Midsummer trama irregolare
Cushion Midsummer cannabis
Cushion Tiziano
Sheet set Tracce
Cushion Tracce
Bedspread Nestor Copriletti jacquard bolle
Bedspread Nestor Copriletti jacquard api
Quilted bedspread Tracce
Cushion Metrico
Quilted bedspread Metrico motivi geometrici standard
Quilted bedspread Metrico motivi geometrici grandi
Cushion Corallomania Copriletti
Bedspread Corallomania Copriletti
Cushion Spyridon righe
Duvet cover Sintra Bicolore
Sheet set Regent raso unito
Cushion Palais Patchwork
Cushion  Palais Dorus damasco
Cushion Palais Intreccio
Quilted bedspread and quilt Palais Patchwork
Quilted bedspread and quilt Palais Intreccio
Cushion Fontainebleau
Cushion Corallomania
Sheet set Corallomania placed embroidery
Sheet set Corallomania with embroidered border and flange
Duvet cover set Corallomania
Cushion Essential Velluto doppia losanga
Cushion Essential Velluto rettangoli piccoli
Quilted bedspread and quilt Aqua Granda
Cushion Aqua Granda
Duvet cover Bread & Butter
Quilted bedspread Bread & Butter doppia losanga
Sheet set Api Satin ricamato Api
Cushion Api silhouette velluto
Quilted bedspread Api silhouette velluto
Cushion Api silhouette percalle
Sheet set Api silhouette percalle doppia bacchettina
Quilted bedspread Api silhouette percalle
Duvet cover set Dune Merveille  due fasce
Quilted bedspread and quilt Palais Dorus damasco
Quilted bedspread Day by Day rombi orizzontali
Sheet set Fontainebleau
Quilted bedspread Bread & Butter quadri piccoli
Cushion Api Satin
Sheet set Api Satin Doppia bacchettina